Building Department

Building Inspector:  Joseph Colern Jr.
Phone:  (716) 652-3260 ext. 6
Fax:  (716) 652-3560
Email:  Building Inspector
Office Hours: Mon - Fri 8AM - 4PM
Assistant Building Inspector:  Ray Balcerzak
P/T Clerk:  Barb Blair

Responsibilities of the Town of Elma Building Department entail the Enforcement of Local and State Building codes in conjunction with Local Zoning enforcement encompassing approximately 36 square miles.

All building permits are issued by this Department.

Contractors Registration: Under Town Code 105 all contractors, peddlers and solicitors who work within the Town of Elma must be registered with the Town.  An application is required with all proper insurances and coverages. The initial fee to register is $75.00 and $50.00 to renew every year thereafter.

Fire Inspections: State law mandates that every Industrial, Commercial and Multiple Dwelling be inspected once per year.

Property Maintenance: The Town Building Department is responsible for the enforcement of property maintenance under the State property maintenance code.

New roofing permit fee of $50.00

Building Code

Code Violation Review
This department has the authority to issue notices of violations and appearance tickets for which Existing and New Buildings are not in compliance with the codes.

The Town of Elma Building Department will refer proper matters to the appropriate municipal boards:

Planning Board meets the Third (3rd) Tuesday of each month.

Zoning Board meets the Second (2nd) Tuesday of each month.

Town Board meets the First (1st) and Third (3rd) Wednesday of each month with work sessions typically on the Second (2nd) and Fourth (4th) Wednesday of each month.

Normal scheduled meetings are at 8:00 pm unless otherwise mentioned. Work session meetings change from time to time. Please call the Town Clerk to check all meeting times prior to attending.

Permit Process

Permit Overview
When warmer weather approaches, people begin to think of working outdoors in their yards or on their homes. Residents of Elma should be aware that building permits are required for such things as:

All new construction
Structural Alterations
In-Ground Pools
Above-Ground Pools
Additional Plumbing Fixtures
Tool Sheds
Excavation and Fill Permits
Wood Stoves
Demolition Permits