Town Supervisor

Dear Elma Residents:

Welcome to our new Town Website. I urge you to check in regularly for information on your town. We will be posting information of upcoming meetings and activities as well as material of recent happenings such as minutes and financial reports.

It is our hope to use this new website as a main communication vehicle between the administration and the citizens of Elma. All of our meetings will be open and we will, from time to time, be using more conventional techniques (printed material and mailings) to communicate with the citizens. But the website will be the most complete and most current set of information and the least expensive way for the townspeople to get information.

The goals of the administration are simple:

  • Honest, open government with sound practices for all financial and other matters of the town.
  • A serious effort to deal with the future of Elma by looking ahead and planning for the issues facing us.
  • To keep the best quality of services at the lowest possible cost.

Our concern is what will Elma be like in the next 5-25 years. Our objective is to preserve the rural character we all love, while managing smart, controlled growth.

In our conversations with residents and results of every community survey in the last 25 years, we know that preserving our rural character is the highest priority. And we all know that because Elma is a wonderful place, there is development pressure to build.

The challenges are big to say the least, so we will have to be attentive, hard working and creative in our efforts to keep Elma the community we love. We urge you to stay tuned, to stay interested and to be more involved in our vibrant and strong community.

We will be writing much more in the months ahead. I personally ask you to join us in this common journey as we take Elma into the years ahead.

Let me tell you, we live in interesting times

Wayne A. Clark
Elma Town Supervisor