Miscellaneous Fees

The Town Clerk's Office is responsible for collecting a majority of the Town's fees except for water fees, taxes, and court fines and fees. The following is a list of some of the miscellaneous fees collected:

Dogs (yearly fee) $6.00 spayed or neutered
$14.00 unspayed or unneutered
Replacement Dog Tags $3.00

Marriage License $40.00

Tax copies $1.00
Town Maps $2.00
Zoning Maps $3.00

Tire Disposal
Car Tires $2.00/ea
Truck Tires $10.00/ea
Tractor Tires $20.00/ea

Zoning Books $20.00
Subdivision Regulations $15.00
Contractor/Solicitor Registration $45.00
yearly renewal $25.00
Copies $.25/ea

Building Permit Fees as posted by Bldg Dept
Planning Board Fees as posted by Bldg Dept
Zoning Board Fees as posted by Bldg Dept
Return Check Policy $25.00

**Notary Service Free