Water Backflow

The Elma Water Department is a leader with our Cross Control Program that protects the water quality within our system from contamination of industrial and commercial accounts. Homeowners can also help us protect our water supply by making sure they have vacuum breakers on all hose bibs. These are available at all hardware and building supply for less than five dollars. We have hosted training classes for town industry, the fire services, and other towns and villages from across the state about the importance of a complete cross control program. We are one of the few communities that are in compliance with the New York State and Erie County Health Departments for cross control.

When water is flowing in the opposite direction from its normal flow-ThatG¦+s backflow and it can put our water in danger.

If the water pressure in your area becomes lower than normal, the water can flow backwards. If you do not want to drink it, do not connect your water system to it. Always be sure thereG¦+s an air space of at least two inches. Do not leave hoses in buckets of water, car radiators, chemical sprays for lawn and gardens, etc. Make sure there is a hose-bib vacuum breaker attached to each outdoor spigot. If you have a well on your property make sure there are no connections between that water and the public water supply. You can be held responsible if the public water supply is contaminated by your cross connection.

To insure the safety of the public water supply, all businesses in the Town of Elma are mandated by law to be in compliance with the New York State and federal Laws regarding Cross Connection Control. All businesses must have an acceptable backflow device that is tested by a certified tester at least once a year. The appropriate paper work must be filed with the Elma Water Department office. Failure to comply with these laws will result in the shutting off of public water to the facility and the loss of your business use permit.
Cross Connection Control Ordinance