Water Line Specifications 280-A

Re: Water line specifications for subdivisions including 280A developments
Adopted by the Elma Town Board-November 6, 2002

The Elma Water Department uniform specifications for anyone installing a water main that would be turned over to the town must meet the following

1. Fill out a public improvement permit. This permit would cover the cost of review of the on site inspections of water lines, including a pressure test of 170 psi for two hours and bacteriological sampling, installation of water mains, taps and services.
2. The cost of the public improvement permit shall be $250.00 per lot plus $40.00 per hour for 1 inspector and truck. No water mains or services shall be installed without inspector present on the job site.
Note: Developer shall pay for all water used to fill new main, flush new main, and test new main.
3. Water main should be placed 5 to 8 feet parallel to edge of pavement under seed lawns only. Note: Minimum pipe cover shall be 4.5 feet for water mains.
4. Water mains should only cross pavement at right angles.
5. Electric, gas, telephone and cable TV should be placed on the other side of the road.
6. A new water main must have detection tape placed directly over main 16 inch over main.

A. Water mains shall conform in all respects to AWWA standard C-900 SDR 18 for PVC water mains including stone bedding and back filling.
B. Water mains should be 8 inch diameter minimum and where possible not become a dead end. If a dead end occurs a 2-inch permanent blow off shall be installed.
C. Tapping sleeves shall be Mueller tapping sleeves on 6 inch to 10-inch mains. A complete rap around tapping sleeve with mechanically attached end sleeves with gasket shall be used.
Note C.1 Casing requirements
Casings shall be used in tunneling, boring, and jacking installations and shall be adequately sized to permit the installation of skids and hold down straps. A steel encasing pipe shall be designed in accordance with AWWA C202 standard. A carrier pipe size of 8 inch shall require and 18 inch encasing pipe. The encasing pipe shall have the ends blocked off after carrier pipe has been installed and filled with pea stone or flowable fill.

D. and shall be equipped with a 4 -+ inch 2 piece valve box with lid and set at finished grade. Guard valves shall be bolted direct to tee (flange to flange). Line valve spacing shall be at 1000 feet intervals maximum distance.
E. Fire Hydrants should be Mueller Centurion 200 or Kennedy K81 only 5 -+ barrel with 1 -+ pentagon operation nuts that close right equipped with a 4 -+ inch steamer and two 2 -+ inch nozzle connections National Fire hose thread. Fire Hydrants shall be dry barrel with drain valve plugged hydrant must have traffic break flange and be set at finished grade
Note E.1 Hydrants should be spaced every 500 feet and in line with property lines between adjoining property owners where possible. Hydrant branches shall be both restrained and blocked.
F. Service lines shall be a minimum 1 inch in size using a brass double strap Mueller service saddle K copper Mueller full port ball corporation valves with AWWA threads and compression nut. The curb stop shall be Mueller full port ball curb stop quarter turn check with compression nuts. Service box shall be 5 foot at full extension and retract to 48 inches. Each service box shall have a 30 inch stainless steel service rod attached to the curb stop with a brass cotter pin
G. Blow offs at end of main shall be 2 inch in size and shall be constructed using a mechanical joint tee with the blow off constructed off the center joint turned downward using a 2 inch Mueller Corp with a quarter bend connection 2 inch K copper to a 2 inch Mueller full port curb stop. A 2 inch K Copper line shall raise to 1 foot above finished grade. A Buffalo Box style curb box for 2 inch service shall be placed over curb stop for future use. A Buffalo Box style top section with cap shall be placed over copper to protect end. Blow offs will be required at selected low points should the vertical profile drop of more than 5 feet.
H. Air release stations shall be installed at the highest point of the water main using a Mueller service saddle 1-inch AWWA Corp 1G¦Ñ Mueller curb stop service box and K Copper extending six inches above finished grade.
I. Vertical & horizontal clearance requirements: shall conform to the latest edition of the recommended standards for water works (ten state standards)
J. Thrust Restraint requirements: Water mains shall be restrained for the total static normal operating and surge (water hammer) pressures. Thrust restraint shall be achieved by either restrained joints tie rods, concrete thrust blocks or any combination there of.
Thrust Block sizing must be supported by subsurface investigations and calculations that define the bearing capacity of the soil at the location of the proposed thrust blocks.
K. Hydrostatic test and disinfection.
When completed and before the work is accepted, each section of pipe shall be flushed, tested and disinfected prior to connection to existing water lines.
Testing and disinfection shall be carried out with as few permanent made-up connections to the existing and proposed water system as possible and the size and location of each shall be submitted to the Water Superintendent for review. A backflow preventer of double check valve assembly shall be installed between each temporary connection to prevent the flow of water from the proposed system to the existing system.
Where connections to existing lines are called for, no connections will be allowed, prior to testing and disinfection. The connections will be made after the main line is tested and disinfected and satisfactory results have been achieved.
Testing at a minimum shall comply with the requirements of AWWA C-600, Section 4, Hydrostatic Testing, and as specified blow: (for conflicting requirements, if any, the more stringent shall apply)
Testing shall be carried out in an approved manner and shall consist of filling each section from valve to valve, or valve to bulkhead, or bulkhead to bulkhead, with water and maintaining a hydrostatic test pressure of 170 psi measured at the lowest point in the section, for a period of not less than six (6) hours. The leakage under this test shall not vary by more than (+ - 5 psi) for the duration of the test. All visible leaks shall be made tight in an approved manner. A defective pipe, fitting or special shall be repaired or removed and approved manner. A defective pipe, fitting or special shall be repaired or removed and replaced and the test shall be repeated until the conditions of allowable leakage are met.
L. Disinfection shall be performed in an approved manner in conformance with AWWA G¦úProcedure for Disinfecting Water MainsG¦Ñ, Designation C601, and shall be witnessed by the Water Superintendent unless otherwise approved. Before disinfection, the line shall be flushed with water to create a minimum velocity of 2-1/2 FPS. The chlorine concentration in the water used for disinfection shall be between 50 and 100 parts per million. The concentration shall be such as to produce at least 25 parts per million concentrates in the extremities of the main after at least a 24-hour retention period. Chlorine residual samples shall be taken at approximately 1000-foot intervals and at the beginning and end of each test section. While the chlorinated water is being added, all appurtenances on the main shall be operated so as to completely disinfect the new work. The operation shall be repeated as necessary to provide complete disinfection.
Upon completion of each disinfecting operation, the CONTRACTOR will be required to empty the contents of the pipe into a sewer or tank truck. In no instance will chlorinated testing or flushing water be emptied onto the roadways, in ditches, culverts or streams or wetlands.
After disinfection and final flushing, the CONTRACTOR shall take 2 bacteriological samples from sampling points at approximately 1000 foot intervals and at each end of the test section, (one immediately after final flushing and a second one after 24 hours) for testing by an approved laboratory in accordance with the latest Health Department
Requirements. Should safe results not occur after these 2 consecutive tests, the CONTRACTOR shall, at his expense, repeat the disinfection procedure until safe results are obtained.
M. A completed set of as builts on a scale of 1G¦Ñ=50G¦+ MylarG¦+s. Four copies shall be supplied.
N. Easement and Bill of Sale:
For mutual consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, the undersigned hereby grants to the TOWN OF ELMA with offices located at 1910 Bowen Road, Elma New York 14059, its successors and assigns, an easement, and the right, privilege and authority to place, re-place, construct, re-construct, relocate, operate, repair, maintain, inspect and at its pleasure, remove certain water lines and equipment pertinent thereto, in, upon, under and across the following described lands:
ALL THAT TRACT OR PARCEL OF LAND, situate in the Town of Elma, County of Erie and State of New York being part of the site plan and utility plan with the right of ingress and egress thereto; with a minimum distance of 10G¦+ on each side of, and beyond the shut off box and 10G¦+ on each side of, and beyond, the blow off box being included in such easement; said total portion of lands covered by this easement being as shown on these attached plans.
The Grantor hereby agrees that no permanent structure, including, but not limited to, sidewalks and driveways, may be built within this permanent easement; and the Grantor agrees herein to transfer all right, title and interest of Grantor and the improvements now situated, in the easement, including without limitation, all pipes, valves and each and every other item of equipment as set forth on the attached plans and filed drawings submitted to the town; and
The Grantor agrees herein to grant to the Town of Elma with free ingress and egress over the easement and other lands of Grantor for all of the above purposes and the right now, and from time to time, to trim, cut, burn, treat and/or remove by manual, mechanical and chemical means, trees, roots, brush, structures and other obstructions within said easement.
The Grantor agrees herein that the liability of the Town of Elma in the performance of any or all the above purposes and the exercise of its rights under this instrument shall be re-grade and re-seed those areas disturbed/damaged as a result of the TownG¦+s actions; and
It is mutually agreed by the Grantor and the Town of Elma that the Grantor has the right to cultivate the ground and the right to cross and re-cross said easement provided that such use of said ground shall not interfere with, obstruct or endanger any rights granted as aforesaid and shall not disturb the grade of said ground as it now exists, and provided that no structure shall be erected, no trees shall be grown, cultivated or harvested, and no excavating, mining or blasting shall be undertaken within the limits of the easement without the written consent of the Grantee.
This instrument shall be binding on and inure to the benefit of the parties hereto and their respective heirs, executors, administrators, successors and assigns.



THAT, ______________________________, (hereinafter referred to as Grantor), for and in consideration of the sum of ONE AND NO MORE ($1.00 AND NO MORE) DOLLARS, lawful money of the United States, to it in hand paid, at or before the ensealing and delivery of these presents by the TOWN OF ELMA, of the second part, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, has bargained and sold, and by these presents does grant and convey unto the said party of the second part, its successors and assigns the following water line items located at the ________________________Town of Elma, New York:

All pipes valves and each and every other item of equipment situated, or, hereinafter situated, in the easement contemporaneously entered into between Grantor and the Town of Elma, incorporated in this Agreement by reference, and as set forth on the attached plans and filed drawings submitted by the Grantor.

This equipment shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

~ _________ LF of 8G¦Ñ PVC Water Line
~ _________ 5 -+G¦Ñ Fire Hydrant
~ _________ 2G¦Ñ Permanent Blow-Off
~ _________ 8G¦Ñ x 8G¦Ñ Tapping Sleeve and Valve
~ _________ 1G¦Ñ House Service Connections