Water Maintenance

The Elma Water Department employs eight dedicated professionals who continuously participate in educational training, maintain licensing programs that develop their skills to the highest possible levels. These people live in our town, are your friends, and drink the same water you do. No wonder they are committed to making sure that your water is pure, safe and affordable.

The Elma Water Department takes ten water samples per month at different sites around the town for microbiological contamination. In 2004 there were no violations.

The water department in its maintenance program flushes water mains on over 75 streets and had good chlorine readings at all locations. This is usually done in late December and early January.

The Environmental Protection Agency regulations insist the Elma Water Department notify customers if the water is not safe to drink. Water is not safe to drink when testing reveals that contaminants in the water exceed national limits for contaminant levels. In the unlikely event that water becomes unsafe to drink, Elma Water Department will notify the public by newspaper, television and radio announcements.

For a charge, homeowners who want to have their drinking water tested for bacteria, lead, copper, iron, nitrate, and mineral content may call the Erie County Public Health Laboratory at the Erie County Medical Center campus at 462 Grider Street, Buffalo, New York. Call the laboratory at 898-6100 to arrange to bring samples in.